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Product ID: ose-4082-combo

Leopard 4082 & Leopard 180 Esc Combo

Leopard 4082 & Leopard 180 Esc Combo

RTI (ready to install) 4082 Leopard Motor and Esc combo by OSE.
This plug and play power system is meant for a boat that requires 2000-2500 watts of power in the 4-6 pound area. We have done all the hard work, soldering and installing the parts for top performance.

Offered in the following kv ratings.
1000kv for 4s to 8s Lipo*
1250kv for 4s to 7s Lipo*
1450kv for 4s to 6s Lipo*
1600kv for 4s to 6s Lipo*
1800kv for 4s or 5s Lipo*
2000kv for 4s Lipo*
2200kv for 4s2p Lipo*


  • Leopard 4082 Motor.
  • Leopard 180 Version 3 Esc with added ESC Bank.
  • Leopard 4050 or 4068 Water Jacket.
  • 3mm motor mounting screws
  • 3 feet of 1/4 high flow silicone tubing
  • Ose 6.0mm bullet connectors on the battery and an 6.0mm extra set for your batteries.
  • All connectors and water jacket installed. All included items are in the picture.

*Because there are so many variables with each hull style and installation, its impossible to specify all the applications this combo system will work with. Please email use prior to purchase if you have any questions about which rpm version to pick.

Good quality lipo packs. We suggest 45c 5000mah packs.
Customer to solder the included connectors to your packs.

This motor fits well with the ose-80600 or ose-80610 motor mounts when used with the 4050 water jacket.

NOTE: As of 01/01/2014 this item now comes with a Leopard 180 ESC. This is the same ESC as the Seaking 180 except sold under the Leopard brand. 6.0mm connectors are now also used on both the motor to esc connection and battery side.

4082 combo kv: 1000Kv (1)
1250kv (1)
1450kv (1)
1600kv (0)
1800kv (1)
2000kv (1)
2200kv (1)
FREE Water Jacket! Pick Size?: No Water Jacket ($-8.00) (972)
Leo 4050 Jacket(40mmX50mm long) (964)
Leo 4068 Jacket(40mmX68mm long) (971)

List Price: $259.99
Price: $239.99
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