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AquaCraft UL-1 Superior FE Hydro RTR 2.4GHz
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Product ID: dh-aqua-ul1


Click for more info, specs and video.

This RTR has all the extras — and no equals!
There’s never been a LiPo-ready hydro with brushless power and 2.4GHz technology — until now. The UL-1 Superior has been designed in the U.S.A. to deliver today’s best in cutting-edge control, brushless performance and competition-quality features!

Features high-performance GrimRacer hardware. Brushless marine motor and ESC custom-designed to meet UL-1 performance requirements. Drive system uses a standard 0.150" flex drive and 3/16" prop shaft to provide race-quality response and reliability. Ideal for IMPBA and NAMBA FE Sport Hydroplane Class events.

List Price: $349.99
Price: $329.99
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AquaCraft Ul-1 & SuperVee 27 Propeller
Product ID: dh-aqub7888
In Stock: 2


40mm Diameter
Stock replacement propellers for the AquaCraft UL-1 and SuperVee 27 Electric Boats.

Carbon reinforced 40mm 3 blade prop. Fits 3/16" prop shaft

This prop is very similar in blade shape and design to a Octura x440/3. But does not require balancing and sharpening.

(2) per pack
Fits 3/16" shaft

Price: $14.99
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HUG Racing UL-1 Airfoil
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Product ID: hug-ul1-foil
In Stock: 5


Click picture for more details.

AquaCraft UL-1 Airfoil

This quick install will help reduce blow-over, increase top speed and handling.

Price: $19.95
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AquaCraft Hatch w/Magnet UL-1 Superior
Product ID: dh-aqub6999
In Stock: 0


This is the White Hatch with Magnet for the AquaCraft UL-1 Superior.

Price: $34.99
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AquaCraft UL-1 Strut Assembly w/Strut Bushing
Product ID: dh-aqub6950
In Stock: 2


This is the Strut Assembly for the AquaCraft UL-1 Superior FE Hydro.

Black anodized aluminum. Fits 22-30" hydros.

Strut, two mounting brackets and mounting hardware.

Price: $34.99
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AquaCraft Motor Mount w/Mounting Hardware
Product ID: dh-aqub7895
In Stock: 2


This is the Motor Mount for the AquaCraft UL-1 Superior FE Hydro RTR.

This can be used to secure a 540 style of motor to any hull. Requires a motor rail spacing of 5.7" wide.

Price: $16.99
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OSE AquaCraft Ul-1 & Sv27R Water Cooling Jacket Upgrade
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Product ID: ham-ul1-sv27r
In Stock: 15


Designed specifically for the AquaCraft UL-1 & AquaCraft SuperVee 27R

This water jacket is longer than the stock jacket and uses larger diameter o-rings for added water volume circulating around the motor. Which translates into better cooling. Both the water inlet and outlet are positioned at a 90 degree angle and pointed in the same direction for a perfect fit in your UL-1, this also allows easier battery access.

NOTE: As of 6/06/2011 these include adjustable water fittings that can be rotated in any direction.

Measures 1.75" long and 1.75" Outside diameter.
Fits the following motors, part numbers dh-aqug7001 & dh-aqug7002

Price: $20.99
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AquaCraft Rudder Blade w/Water Fitting UL-1 Superior
Product ID: dh-aqub8731
In Stock: 1


This is the black anodized luminum replacement rudder blade for the UL-1 Superior from AquaCraft.

One rudder, Water fitting, Two set screws.

Price: $20.99
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AquaCraft Vertical Fins UL-1 Superior
Product ID: dh-ul-1-fins


These are Vertical Fins for the UL-1 Superior from AquaCraft.
Available in White, Yellow, Red or Orange.

INCLUDES: Two vertical turn fins

Price: $20.99
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AquaCraft Nose Canopy w/Magnet UL-1 Superior
Product ID: dh-abub6227
In Stock: 0


This is the Nose Canopy with Magnet for the UL-1 Superior from AquaCraft.

Plastic construction, White in color with Black painted window.


Price: $33.99
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AquaCraft Brushless 6-Pole Marine Motor 36-56-2030
Product ID: dh-aqug7001
In Stock: 6


Brushless 2030kv motor for the AquaCraft Ul-1 Superior.

2030kV rpm/volt
Input Voltage: 7-18.5V
Max Constant Current: 50A
Max Surge Current: 80A/five seconds
No Load Current: 5.0A
Diameter: 1.4" (36mm), Length: 2.2" (56mm)
Shaft Length: 0.59" (15mm), Shaft Diameter: 0.20" (5mm)    
Overall Length: 2.8" (71mm), Weight: 7.5oz (212g) including connectors.

25mm motor mounting screw spacing, fits 540 motor mounts.

List Price: $119.99
Price: $74.99
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AquaCraft Marine 60-Amp Water-Cooled/Proof Marine ESC LiPo Rdy
Product ID: dh-aqum7011
In Stock: 7


AquaCraft UL-1 ESC, now updated with larger capacitor!

This is the 8-20 volt - 60 Amp Marine Lipo Ready Electronic Speed Control from AquaCraft. This is the stock ESC for the Ul-1 superior Hydro. But can be used with many other brushless motors.

Waterproof and Water cooled aluminum case with installed Deans Ultra plugs. Stutter bump warning system.

List Price: $89.99
Price: $84.99
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OSE 4mm Bullet Nut
Product ID: ose-80605
In Stock: 57


OSE Streamlined 4mm Bullet nut. 

Designed to fit the following "stock" manufacturers shafts.
AquaCraft UL-1, SuperVee 27, SuperVee 27R, Revolt, Traxxas Spartan stock shaft

Measures .3" in Diameter, which is smaller than the stock propeller hub of the AquaCraft prop. Nickel plated finish to make it look as good as it performs!

Includes: 4mm threaded Bullet Nut.
Propeller and Drive Shaft are NOT included! This is the same item as part# ose-4mm-bullet-nut.

List Price: $3.49
Price: $1.99
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AquaCraft Hydro Turn Fin CNC Black Anodized
Product ID: dh-aqub9539
In Stock: 2


This is the GrimRacer CNC Machined Turn Fin for the AquaCraft UL-1 Superior FE Hydro RTR 2.4GHz.

Increases performance and handling for 6-15 volt boats or .12- .18 nitro powered sport hydros. GrimRacer high performance turn fin and mounting bracket will help your boat turn faster with more stability in turns. It will also provide better straightaway handling. Aluminum in Construction and CNC Machined. Easy to install, Lightweight and Adjustable. Includes Stainless steel fasteners.

Price: $20.99
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OSE Upgraded AquaCraft UL-1 Cable
Product ID: ose-cable-ul1
In Stock: 9


OSE Flex Cable Assembly for the AquaCraft UL-1. Upgraded .150" Cable with 3/16" prop shaft. This is cut and ready to install in your boat. This upgraded cable is a higher quality with thicker wire strands and better aligned to the prop shaft then the stock unit. The prop shaft is only 2 1/4" long which reduces resistance and allows more strut adjustment. Which will help vibrations which will help reduce strut bearing wear. Just install it and go!

No soldering or cutting required!

This can also be used in any other boat requiring a .150 cable that measures 13 11/16" from tip to tip.

Price: $24.99
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AquaCraft Water Cooling Ul-1
Product ID: dh-aqub9540
In Stock: 0


Out of stock until further notice.
We suggest this upgrade parts, ham-ul1-jacket

This is the 36mm Water Cooling Jacket with hardware for the UL-1 Superior from AquaCraft.

Aluminum construction, Black in color. Custom made for the UL-1 Hydro

We suggest upgrade parts.
part #ose-mbj-ul1 or ham-ul1-jacket

Price: $34.99
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OSE Upgrade Bushing for AquaCraft Struts
Product ID: OSE-80990
In Stock: 0


OSE Upgrade Bushing for the AquaCraft Struts

Picture shows the stock bushing left, upgraded bushing on the right.

Made in the USA to much tighter tolerances. This is a large improvement over the stock bushing. We added twice as many grease holes and doubled them in size.   

Fits the following boats.
SuperVee 27, Super Vee 27R, UL-1, Revolt, Motley Crew

Includes: (1) OSE Upgraded Bushing,
*stock bushing not included, shown for comarision only.

1.5" Long (38.3mm)
7/32" (.216", 5.5mm) Diameter

Price: $6.95
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