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Thunder Tiger Outlaw Jr.
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Product ID: dh-5123


Click picture for more info.

Almost ready to run Outlaw Jr Off Shore Deep Vee from Thunder Tiger. This is the 2.4GHz radio controlled with brushless electric motor and speed control.

ABS blow molded with magnetically attached hatch.
Flip up Rudder.
Motor: Outrunner brushless 29/20-15M, water cooled
Radio: Ace Cougar P2 2.4GHz two-channel with steering and throttle trim, changeable receiver module, 10 model memory and mini steering servo.
ESC: Thunder Tiger BLC-40M with Deans connector
Stand: Plywood

Comes in either Yellow or Green

Hull Color: Yellow (1)
Green (0)
List Price: $329.99
Price: $199.99
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Charge Lead Banana Plugs to EC5
Product ID: dh-dyn5008
In Stock: 2


Sale, $3.99 while supplies last


4mm Banana Plus with deans male ultra plug on the end. Great for charging packs with Triton, Ice chargers or any charger that requires a 4mm banana plug. 10a max rating.

Price: $3.99
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Jet Drive by Mickie Beez
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Product ID: mb-jet-s
In Stock: 6


Jet Drive by Mickie Beez

This pump is a good fit for flat bottom boats in the 23" (580mm) to 30" (750mm) range. This is a complete jet pump with a metal impeller. These are far better built than the Graupner jet pumps that we on the market.

Everything shown in picture number 3.


List Price: $110.99
Price: $79.95
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Hitec Lipo Checker
Product ID: dh-44173
In Stock: 2


Click for more info. 

Hitec Lipo Checker

With an easy-to-read LCD display and built-in safety features, the convenience and accuracy of this tool can’t be beat. The battery checking function precisely reviews the voltage of each cell of a lithium polymer pack while displaying the remaining total capacity. The balance operation equalizes the individual voltages of each cell until the difference between each reaches 0.01 volts or less.


Although most LiPo packs' balancing ports will plug directly into the LiPo Checker, an adapter for Thunder Power and Flight Power style plugs is also included. Please be certain only to use lithium polymer battery packs up to 6 cells (6S).


List Price: $19.95
Price: $14.95
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Spektrum DX3R Pro 3Ch Racing System
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Product ID: dh-SPM3200
In Stock: 1


Sale $274.95 while supplies last.

Click picture for more details.

DX3R PRO 3-Channel Racing System
High-End Software. Drive Like an Expert.

The DX3R PRO is packed with first-class software, including servo speed adjustment, ABS, traction control and 50-model memory. It’s marine-compatible and comes with four timer functions—including a rolling lap timer. When it's time for software updates, the DX3R PRO's SD card functionality makes it simple.*
*SD card not included.

Advanced Ergonomics. Designed to Fit the Way You Drive.
The Spektrum DX3R PRO is an advanced-level surface transmitter system. So naturally it comes with advanced-level ergonomics. Everything about the DX3R PRO is made to fit the way you drive, from the optional dropdown steering wheel to the easy-to-read backlit screen to the large grip. Right- and left-hand settings are also included.

Built-In Telemetry: Check temp, speed and voltage in real-time.*
Drive smarter with the DX3R PRO. You can monitor your engine or motor temperature, keep tabs on your engine rpm's or vehicle speed, track battery voltage, and check your lap time. The DX3R PRO and integrated telemetry let you do all this right from the large LCD readout. Transmitter also includes vibrating and audible alerts.

Spektrum SR3100 DSM2 3-Channel Receiver
The SR3100 is specifically designed to take full advantage of the DX3R PRO’s advanced DSM2 spread spectrum. This technology provides glitch-free performance and the fastest response of any spread spectrum receiver. It’s all yours in a package that can easily fit on a 1/18-scale chassis.

* Requires telemetry compatible receiver and sensors (sold separately).

This system works with the optional waterproof MR3000 Marine  2.4GHz 3-Channel or or MR200 Marine 2-Channel Receivers.

List Price: $479.99
Price: $274.95
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TrakPower Temp Gauge & Stopwatch
Product ID: dh-tkpp9000
In Stock: 1


Click picture for more info.

SALE $29.99 while supplies last!

This is the Infrared Temperature Gauge with Stopwatch from TrakPower.

FEATURES: Displays temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature range of -27 to 428°F (-33 to 220°C) Stopwatch counts lap times to the nearest 0.01 second One second response time Backlit LCD screen One year limited warranty beginning at date of purchase.

Price: $29.99
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540XL Carbon, Heavy duty water cooled mount.
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Product ID: ose-80210
In Stock: 61


Sale $9.95 while supplies last.

Click picture for more info. Water cooled and adjustable motor mount for 540 XL sized motors. Additional rear motor clamp helps carry the weight of the heavier 540 XL motors. Angle is adjustable to allow straight alignment with propeller cable.

The anodized aluminum mounting plate with extended Carbon Fiber mounting stands to distribute the weight of the motor over a larger area. The mounting plates that have holes drilled in the bottom to allow epoxy to flow into them to make a superior bond to the hull. This mount can fit a flat mounting area like a rigger or hydro, or a deep vee.

List Price: $22.95
Price: $9.95
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Tactic Receiver
Product ID: dh-tacL0324
In Stock: 0


Tactic 2.4GHz Three Channel Receiver, works with Tactic 2 channel Pistol Grip Radios. Compatible with transmitter in AquaCraft UL-1

FEATURES: 2.4GHz technology

INCLUDES: Tactic 2.4GHz 3 channel receiver

REQUIRES: Installation, Transmitter and connecting battery and servos.

Compatible with Tactic Brand 2.4GHz transmitters.

Length: 44.5mm (1.75")
Width: 25.9mm (1")
Height: 13.9mm (0.55")
Weight: 10g (0.35oz)

List Price: $24.99
Price: $19.99
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MicroPower V4 E-Logger with Integrated Deans Ultra style Connectors, 80 Volts, 100 Amps
Product ID: etr-MPRV4-CONN-100
In Stock: 1


Click the picture for full details, specs & requirements.

This is the New Eagle Tree USB Micro Power V4 100 Amp E-Logger. If your looking for the optimum prop for your boat, prop for your plane or gearing for your car, than this is the product for you. With this logger will be able to graph(computer required) voltage and amperage curves! Add a optional brushless sensor for graphing rpm or optional gps speed sensor for the ultimate tuning advantage!

Logs pack current to 100amps and voltage
to 80 volts.

List Price: $69.99
Price: $57.99
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X AquaCraft Brushless 45amp Esc
Product ID: dh-aqum7005
In Stock: 1


Click picture for full details.

SALE $54.99 While supplies last.

This is the AquaCraft Marine 45 Amp Brushless Electronic Speed Control.

Water-cooled aluminum case with built in water cooling and waterproof. With built in BEC (battery eliminator circuit).

This is a plug in play unit when combined with the Stock Super Vee 27 or Stock SuperVee 27R

NOTE: This is not Lipo Ready. Requires external low voltage cutoff to work with lipo packs. 

Price: $54.99
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