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Leopard 2860 Motor
Click picture for more detail. Leopard 2860 Mot...
Now $55.70
Carbon, Heavy duty water cooled mount for Leopard 40mm Motors
40mm water cooled motor mount. Fits motors 40mm...
Now $19.95
Mean Machine 2 Cowl Only
This is the modern looking cowl/ha...
Now $39.99
CNC Prop 48mm Reversed - 3/16" bore
CNC 4814-R Reversed Magnalium 7075 propeller....
Now $20.95
Leopard 3674 Motor
Click picture for more detail. Leopard 3674 Mot...
Now $73.99
Water pickup with dual inlets.
Aluminum cnc water pickup fitting with dual inlets...
Now $6.49
CNC Prop 50mm 3 BLD Reversed - 3/16" bore
CNC 5014350-R Reversed 3 Blade Magnalium 7075...
Now $26.95
Hifei High Voltage Capacitor Bank w/8mm Connectors
Hifei Capacitor Bank with 8mm Bullet Connectors &a...
Now $19.95
Delta Force DF45 MK-ll Boat Hull
Click picture for details. Delta Force DF45 MK-...
Now $194.99
CNC Prop 70mm - 1/4" bore
CNC 7014 Magnalium 7075 propeller. Machine...
Now $39.95
OSE Velcro Battery Straps
OSE battery straps. Black in color with OSE logo, ...
Now $2.99
Carbon, Heavy duty water cooled mount for Leopard 4074/4082/4092
Water cooled and adjustable motor mount for Leopar...
Now $24.95

We at OffshoreElectrics are committed to making the hobby of rc boat racing an easier one for the beginner or novice Rc Boater. Remote control racing boats are becoming ever more popular with the new imported high quality r/c boat hulls from Europe. We have started to import some of these custom r/c boats. We brought in the top quality Toys Port hulls from Hungry. These r/c boats offer top speeds and handling like no other r/c boat on the market in their size ranges. Offshore Electrics updates and adds to our "Boat Tips & Info" section on a regular basis. Including info on upgrading Kyosho and other kit boats. Our rc boat videos section is one of the biggest on the net and is growing at a rapid rate. Email us to submit your Rc Video for thousands of people to view each month, boating crash videos are a plus! Check out our gallery page to view some custom Rc boats. Don't forget to stop by our rc boat forum and ask a question or two.

We are also committed to helping people like Kip Marshall, who build hand made trailers for your Rc Boat. And
Charlie White, who makes an attachment for your soldering iron to make stick style battery packs. 


We carry the Cen Racing line of Fast Electric rc boat with the 775 motors. These include the Aqua Jet, Grey Thunder and the Wave Shark. All the Cen Racing rc Boat come RTR (Ready to Run)!We also carry the mini rc boats like the Zig Zag Racer and Reef Racer. These are the new micro boats in Rc. Small, fast and almost unsinkable! New to OffshoreElectrics is the Traxxas line of Rc Boats including the Villain IV and Villain EX. These wave crushing boats are a great addition to our lineup of fast RTR electric boats. OffshoreElectrics also carries all the the quality Rc boat parts to make your boat run at the fastest speeds possible. We carry Graupner rc electric motors for rc electric boats. Our Offshore Style Electric Rc Boats are the quickest growing segment of the growing Rc Boat Hobby. If you need cells/batteries to power an Rc vehicle, we have the Gold Peak gp3300 batteries to handle that task. We also carry custom made items tailored to the Rc boating hobby like the RC Hydro Speed Controls (Rc Hydros ESC) and Ziya Speed Controls.

For the guys that need to hear the high pitch and smell the nitro engines we carry the
nitro remote control boat and Nitro Rc Trucks. Including the Nitro MT & MT2 Rc Monster Trucks, ATX Extreme Buggies, Mini Coopers and the Huge 1/8 scale all wheel drive Genesis! We also carry rc nitro boat engines. We have some of the lowest prices on the net!

In conclusion if you have come to this site for Rc boats, Rc boat information or rc boat forum  you have come to the right rc boating site!

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