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Offshore Electrics Inc. is owed and operated by Steven Vaccaro

Our sole purpose to this website is to help inform and educate new Rc boaters to make the whole experience a better one!

          After 14 years of racing and playing with Rc Cars, I gave Rc boating a go at it. In 1997 my brother Anthony and I bought a couple of Kyosho Kit boats that we were immediately bored with. We did some searching on the net for information and found it to be quite scattered. It didn't seem that I could find one good site with all the R/c boating info I needed to help make my r/c boat faster or better. After lots of frustration we found a forum that had knowledgeable people surfing it that help us with our problems. But that knowledge still needed to be put somewhere. One of the things we quickly learned was that Rc Electric Cars and Rc Electric Boats involve lots of the same parts but those parts act in much different ways. Mainly what we learned is that the punishment that the motors and batteries take in boats is much more harsh then in cars.

          So after having to search from site to site trying to find good r/c boat links and quality articles, I decided to give it a go myself by making a site that would have helped me speed up the learning curve in Rc electric boating. I hope to have accomplished this by now. But won't stop adding and trying to put new articles together in the future.

          After starting the information site there was still some problems. I found that lots of people don't have the time to put together a custom rc boat. So we are continually testing and carrying new rtr boats to help customers with limited time. Back in the 90's a fast electric rtr boat ran 15-20mph. The advent of inexpensive brushless motor systems has allowed for a new bread of rtr boats with brushless power systems, that will push the boats into the 30-45mph area!

          I'm continually working on making this hobby more accessible to a larger consumer market. One way we are doing this is  we are now importing the overseas products that only a select few people had access to in the US market. To accomplish this Offshore Electrics Inc. became a dealer for Gundert Boat Racing equipment. We have also become a Graupner Dealer, so we are now able to import any of the items Graupner sells. In 2006 we took on the Aeromarine Rc fiberglass boat hulls.  And in the future will carry even more.

          We are also committed to expanding  the Fast Electric Boating Hobby in the New England Area. Some people still believe that battery operated rc boats travel at 5 to 10mph. This is far from the truth. Fast Electric (FE) rc boats routinely run in the 35 to 50 mph range and faster. It may not sound too fast, but a 20 to 35 inch r/c boat traveling that fast with obstacles (other boats and large waves) will keep your heart pumping!


Please use our Forum for Questions and Answers.

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