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Lipo Wiring

R/C Calculations

Lipo Wiring

This page contains a couple diagrams in an attempt to explain how Lithium Polymer batteries are used when made into packs.

Below is a diagram to show how Lipo battery cells are wired. It should help explain what is meant by the "s" and "p" terms. Below the diagram is a section that will show the total ratings of the pack as you change the settings.



Show Balancer
wire hookup? (?)


For the diagram above, the total pack is rated for
(Each cell is rated 3.7v ? @ 2000mAh ? and 10C ? continuous discharge.)

The diagram below shows how to wire two or more pack together.

Battery Pack Wiring

Use one battery pack
Use 2 series-connected battery packs (?)
Use 3 series-connected battery packs (?)
Use 2 parallel-connected battery packs (?)

The diagram below shows how to create balancer Y adaptors to balance and/or charge two batteries at the same time using one balancer unit.

Note: Thick wires in the diagram below denote the main high-current wires, while the thinner wires denote smaller wire gauges suitable for no more than 2 amps (18-20GA).

  Balance Connector



When charging below 1.5A (1500mA), it is OK to charge through just the balancer leads ("balance connector only" options in the diagram above).

When charging over 1.5A, it is recommended to charge through the main battery leads, and balance through the balance connector ("using main leads" options in the diagram above). This is because the balancer leads and associated wires are too small to handle higher charge currents and may cause erroneous balancer operation due to potential voltage drop.

You may notice that when any of the options with "using main leads" is selected, one of the balancer wires is unused. This is intentional as a safety precaution. If all balancer wires were used in conjunction with the main leads, and the balancer connectors were inadverdently swapped, damage will result in the balancer wire, connector, battery, or any combination of these! I usually zip-tie each balancer wire to the accociated charging lead for added safety.

Below is a picture of a completed 2s + 2s balancer/charging Y adaptor created with the "using main leads" option. The wire length was properly sized for use with the Hyperion LBA10 balancer unit. Also, the wires were extended to allow enough wire slack for easy placement into a fire-resistant container such as the Lipo Sack, Battery Bunker, etc.

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