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HUG Racing UL-1 Airfoil
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Product ID: hug-ul1-foil
In Stock: 5


Click picture for more details.

AquaCraft UL-1 Airfoil

This quick install will help reduce blow-over, increase top speed and handling.

Price: $19.95
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Traxxas Spartan High Power Cable System Upgrade
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Product ID: ose-C-1405


Click picture for details.

OSE Traxxas Spartan High Power Cable System Upgrade.

Upgrade your Traxxas Spartan to a much stronger 3/16" (.187", 4.75mm) cable and shaft system.

Traxxas built the Spartan with a 5mm propeller shaft and .150 cable. This limits the power you can use. Most increases in power cause the scock cables to twist and break.

We built this strut in standard 3/16" size and included two lead Teflon bushings (part# oc6ltsb) for added prop shaft support. Then added a oiler/grease fitting for ease of maintenance. This strut is an absolute must for the customers running modified motors with the Spartans. This strut used in conjunction with the OSE-Spartan-Cable and ose-81518 coupler makes a much stronger drive system.

Price: $59.95
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OSE Stuffing tube mount with oil fitting
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Product ID: ose-83010


Click picture for details & installation notes.

OSE carbon-fiber stuffing tube mount with fitting for oiling your cable.

Carbon fiber stands and aluminum center section. The carbon stands have glue holes for secure mounting to the inside of your hull and two long slots for stuffing tube height adjustment. The aluminum stuffing tube holder can also be angled

Comes in 3 sizes

ose-83010-7/32 for K&S 7/32 stuffing tube.
ose-83010-1/4 for K&S 1/4 stuffing tube.
ose-83010-5/16 for K&S 5/16 stuffing tube


Price: $14.95
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OSE Target outlet with dual discharge ports
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Product ID: ose-83107


OSE "Target" outlet with dual discharge ports.

Picture number two shows the availible colors red, white or blue.

We designed these to look like a targeting sight. CNC cut from aluminum and anodized in silver. Designed for boats that are cooling the motor and esc individually. Using two outlets increases the flow of water for better cooling.

We made installation simple. In picture 4 you will see we included a sticker template. Stick the sticker to your hull and drill the necessary holes. Add some sealant, screw the included hex screws and your done.

Output fittings can accept 7/32" or 1/4' sized tubing.

List Price: $19.99
Price: $14.95
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Product ID: hef-HBF1300L-lite
In Stock: 0


Click picture for more details

At a maximum of 300 amps and 60 volts, this is the most powerful esc that Hifei has ever produced. Able to provide power upto a 30 Horse Power Electric Motor!!! And with the new data logging feature, you will be able to take the guess work out of prop, motor or strut changes by logging the following info, Current/Amps, Voltage, Temperature, RPM, Power & Throttle travel.

Basic Specs:
- Shrink wrapped and conformal coats for resistance to water.
- 48cells NiMH/NiCad or 4 to 15 cell Lithium-polymer
- 300A continous (380A surge)
- Built in Data Logger. Inlcudes USB Programmer but  Requires Windows XP, Vista or 7(will not work with windows 8).
- NO BEC(Battery eliminator circuit), will require optional receiver battery pack or optional external BEC circuit.

Price: $289.99
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TP Power Brushless 5670 Motor
Product ID: tp-5670


Click picture for more detail.

TP Power Brushless 5670 Motor
56mm Diameter by 88mm Long Brushless Motor. Hand wound for high efficiency of up to 90%. Comes with high quality bearings and neodymium magnets for high power. Large vented front and rear endbells for additional heat dissipation.

We offer this in 6 versions. See below for options.


Price: $184.99
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Hobby Wing SeaKing 180 v3
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Product ID: ker-seaking-180-v3
In Stock: 7


Click picture for more details.

Hobby Wing "SeaKing" 180 v3 Amp ESC.

$7 off shipping and handling on any order that contains a seaking esc. Use Coupon code Seaking.

This is boat model esc is specially designed for boat use with water-cooling system.

  • Excellent waterproof design (rates as IP 67) allows this ESC to work in water without any extra precautions.
  • High quality components have very strong over-current withstanding capabilities.
  • Patented Copper Heat Conduction technology and high-efficiency water cooling system can easily dissipate the heat produced in operation under high load.
  • The special firmware designed for RC boats can make the acceleration punchier and the handling more stable.
  • The External Programming Port can connect to the LED Program Box for easily setting the parameters of the ESC.
  • Multiple protections like low-voltage cutoff protection, thermal protection and throttle signal loss protection, make the ESC more reliable.

This esc is suggested for smaller boats upto the 27"- 40" (550mm - 1000mm) range. Because there are so many variables with each hull and installation its impossible to specify all the applications for this esc. If you have any questions on using this esc with your particular boat, please contact us before purchase.

Price: $119.00
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Upgrade bearings - Boca Ceramic Hybrid Bearing
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Product ID: boc-ceramic-hyb


Boca Ceramic Hybrid bearings.

Ceramic Hybrid ABEC #5 Bearings have stainless steel races and Ceramic Silicon Nitride balls (Si3N4) Balls. Ceramic Balls are suitable for applications where high loads, high speeds and extreme temperatures are factors. Long life and the need for minimal lubrication make this material appropriate for extreme applications. Ceramic is non-porous, non-magnetic, non corrosive and lighter than steel for less rolling resistance for higher performance. In ball form, ceramic balls are also harder than steel and because ceramic balls are non-porous they are virtually frictionless. and capable of spinning faster than steel balls.

Click picture for application guide and additional details.

Price: $8.95
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OSE Tow Hook / Cleat
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Product ID: ose-83002


Click picture for more details.

OSE Tow hook. CNC aluminum and anodized in silver for resistance to corrosion.

Why get stranded in the middle of the water and have to wait for the wind to blow your boat back to shore? Use one of these tow hooks and a fishing row with a tennis ball to retrieve your boat! Its quick, easy and safe.

These come in two sizes. The small we estimate will fit 450mm (18") -  900mm (35") hulls. The large for 900mm (35") and up.

Price: $7.95
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Carbon, Heavy duty water cooled mount for Leopard 40mm Motors
Product ID: ose-81530
In Stock: 10


Click picture for more details.

40mm water cooled motor mount. Fits motors 40mm in diameter that are 82mm long and longer. For example Neu, Leopard TP and the other popular sizes. Additional rear motor clamp helps carry the weight of the long 40mm motors. Works well with Leopard 4082 & 4092 Motors.

Requires: Motor mounting screw.
Installation Note: Motor water jacket length should be 60mm long or less.
This mount is 9mm shorter than the ose-82000 mount.

Price: $19.95
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5" Rail mount for Neu 1521, 1527, 1530, 4mm Screw /30mm spacing
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Product ID: ham-101530
In Stock: 2


HRC Rail mount for Neu 1521, 1527, 1530 motors when used with 4mm Screws.

These can be used to convert nitro/gas hulls to electric power. Slotted mounting holes for ease of alignment. Vented front mounting plate to aid the in cooling of the motor.

Neu motor with 4mm screws, spaced 30mm apart.

Mounting screws (longer may be required if rails are thicker than normal).


Price: $43.95
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Rear clamp motor mount
Product ID: ose-83005


OSE Rear motor clamp with carbon fiber stands.

If you have a boat with a front style motor mount and are upgrading to a longer or heavier motor, this may be what you need to support your motor.

The larger upgrade motors are typically heavier than stock motors which puts a strain on the front mount, causing the mounting area to break and flex cables binding/breaking due to the motor bouncing up and down. This mount is adjustable up and down, but may need to be cut or altered to fit your particular application. We added lots of glue holes to the bottom of the carbon mount for added strength when glued into your hull.

We have this for either 36mm or 40mm diameter motors.

Everything in the picture.

Price: $16.99
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Low profile strut 110mm long
Product ID: ose-80105
In Stock: 0


The adjustable strut.  Aluminum, CNC cut.

Works well on catamarans with transom overhang.

Measure approx.
110mm (4.3") in length.
30mm tall x 25mm wide.

Lead teflon bushing for 3/16" (.187", 4.75mm) propeller shaft

Price: $19.95
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Twin strut set for catamaran 110mm long
Product ID: ose-80108
In Stock: 0


Twin strut set for 30"- 38" (750mm - 950mm) catamaran. Aluminum, CNC cut.

Set of two struts for a twin motor/engine setup. Requires a catamaran with transom overhang.

Measure approx.
110mm (4.3") in length.
33mm tall x 20mm wide.

Lead teflon bushing for 3/16" (.187", 4.75mm) propeller shaft.

Price: $54.95
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