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OSE 4074 RTI System
Product ID: ose-4074-combo
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OSE 4074 RTI (Ready To Install) System is a drop in Upgrade System for many  RTR Boats on the market. 

The 1800kv leopard motor with upgraded water jacket and seaking 180 system is great for use with 4s Lipo and a boat in the 25-32"(650-800mm) range.

This is a plug and play power system that requires 1500 watts of power. We have done all the hard work, soldering and installing the parts for top performance.

4074 Motor.
SeaKing 180 Esc with ESC Bank.
Ose 5.5mm bullet connectors on the battery and an 5.5mm extra set for your batteries.
All connectors and water jacket installed. All included items are in the picture.


4s Lipo Pack with a rating of 45c 5000mah or higher c and mah rating.
You to solder the included connectors to your Lipo packs.

This motor fits well with the ose-80600 or ose-80610 motor mounts.

*Because there are so many variables with each hull and installation its impossible to specify all the applications for this system. If you have any questions on using this system with your particular boat, please contact us before purchase.

List Price: $259.99
Price: $199.99
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Adjustable Mount for 380 to 540 Size Motors
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Product ID: ose-80080
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Sale $6.95

Adjustable motor mount for 380, 500, 540 sized motors with adjustable motor hole spacing from 19mm to 25mm.

Angle is adjustable to allow straight alignment with propeller cable.

The anodized aluminum mounting plate with Fiberglass mounting stands that have holes drilled in the bottom to allow epoxy to flow into them to make a supperior bond to the hull. This mount can fit a flat mounting area like a rigger or hydro, or a deep vee.

Fits most 380, 540, 550, 600 motors.
Feigao & Nemesis 380, 540, Hacker B50, B50L & B50xl.
Aqua SuperVee motor.
Ammo 2300 Motor.

Fits most motors that use a 19mm to 25mm mounting hole spacing, as long as the motor mounting screw is not larger than 3mm.

Requires you to provide motor mounting screws.

Price: $6.95
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MicroPower V4 E-Logger with Integrated Deans Ultra style Connectors, 80 Volts, 100 Amps
Product ID: etr-MPRV4-CONN-100
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Click the picture for full details, specs & requirements.

This is the New Eagle Tree USB Micro Power V4 100 Amp E-Logger. If your looking for the optimum prop for your boat, prop for your plane or gearing for your car, than this is the product for you. With this logger will be able to graph(computer required) voltage and amperage curves! Add a optional brushless sensor for graphing rpm or optional gps speed sensor for the ultimate tuning advantage!

Logs pack current to 100amps and voltage
to 80 volts.

List Price: $69.99
Price: $57.99
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